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10 Cheap Wonderkids Worth Signing in FIFA 23 Career Mode

FIFA is back!

It’s official, FIFA is back (for the last time)! Released worldwide on 30th September, FIFA 23 is the final instalment in the FIFA series, as they call it a day after 30 years of partnership with EA Sports.

The latest chapter pilots new features and major gameplay improvements, such as the introduction of long-awaited cross-platform play and better representation for women’s football – with the addition of 24 teams from the Women’s Super League and France’s Division 1 Arkema. The game also brings upgraded hypermotion technology, extra animations and World Cup content updates – they really want to go out with a bang!

FIFA 23 Career Mode has also levelled up: new leagues, teams, stadiums and players as well as gameplay tweaks for Manager and Player mode. With those changes in mind, it’s the perfect time to check out the fresh-faced Wonderkids.

I’m just wondering… What’s a Wonderkid?

Aged 21 or younger, Wonderkids are football’s youngest players who have the most potential. And believe me when I tell you this: they’re the future of football. If you’re trying to be economical and keep Career Mode costs low then the likes of Wonderkids Pedri and Alphonso Davies are way too expensive – they’re valued much higher and have way bigger salaries than some of the lesser known youngsters.

So which Wonderkids should you sign in your next Career Mode save if you want to keep costs low but still reap the benefits of youth, skill and brimming potential? Read on for our suggestions…

10 Cheap Wonderkids in FIFA 23

Alfie Devine
OVR: 60, POT OVER: 83 (+23)

At just 18 years old, Alfie Devine’s career so far is nothing to turn your nose up at. He is the youngest ever to have played for Tottenham Hotspur and helped secure a 5-0 FA Cup win against Marine in his senior debut for the team, scoring a stunning goal in the second half.

His FIFA 23 ratings reflect the promising start to his senior career – with an OVR of 60 and potential OVR of 83 (+23). What’s more, the midfielder is valued at €775k with a salary of just €1.5k so he’s an ideal choice for tighter budgets and lower league saves.

Leonidas Stergiou
OVR: 67, POT OVER: 84 (+17)

Swiss-born centre back Leonidas Stergiou’s professional football performance so far screams of potential. With 8 Swiss Super League games for team St. Gallan under his belt, the 20-year old is physically strong and has excellent jumping ability (which makes up for what he lacks in height).

Stergiou’s FIFA 23 OVR is set at 67, which is reasonable considering his inferior passing abilities. With some development and training, he could certainly reach his potential OVR of 84 (+17) and become a top defender. Plus he’s valued at just €2.5m and has a €2k salary – ideal for keeping costs low.

Tino Livramento
OVR: 74, POT OVER: 85 (+11)

Next on our list is Southampton’s Tino Livramento. The 19-year old has played 28 Premier League matches so far, impressing manager Ralph Hasenhüttl thanks to his fast pace and determined attitude. After his first 10 games, the right back ranked top among all Premier League defenders for duels, duels won and fouls won – he’s definitely one to watch!

FIFA 23 ratings certainly reflect Livramento’s pure talent, with his OVR at 74 and potential OVR at 85 (+11). Luckily for us, he’s valued at €8.5m and his salary is just €11k which makes him a cost-effective choice.

Cole Palmer
OVR: 67, POT OVER: 85 (+18)

Cole Palmer, once dubbed ‘Man City’s future’, is an accomplished attacking mid and striker. He progressed through the Academy to captain of the under-18s before catching the eye of City manager Pep Guardiola. The 20-year old has already scored 3 goals for City and has 8 Premier League appearances under his belt, with plenty more to come, we reckon!

His OVR is set at 67 and potential OVR way up there at 85 (+18), so it’s clear FIFA 23 also envisions big things for Palmer. He’s valued at €2.6m which is an absolute steal, but his €20k salary will be tough to keep on top of in lower league saves.

Jurriën Timber
OVR: 79, POT OVER: 88 (+9)

21-year old centre back Jurriën Timber made his senior career debut for Ajax in March 2020, with his first goal coming the following year in a 4-0 win against Emmen. Since then, top tier clubs all over Europe have their eyes on the talented defender – he will likely get snapped up once his contract ends in 2024.

Timber’s FIFA 23 rankings make a lot of sense: an OVR of 79 and potential OVR of 88 (+9) shows there’s still plenty of room for improvement. Valued at €36m, he’s one of the pricier Wonderkids on our list, but with a salary of just €13k he may well be worth it for teams with some financial backing.

Jacob Ramsey
OVR: 74, POT OVER: 85 (+11)

Aston Villa’s Jacob Ramsey is another Wonderkid who’s really making moves. Awarded ‘Academy Player of the Season’ the year of his professional debut, the midfielder has scored 7 goals in 63 Premier League appearances so far. The 21-year old shows real football intelligence and is set to have a great season.

Ramsey’s FIFA 23 OVR is 74 and his potential OVR is 85 (+11) which reflects how far he’s come and just how far he could go. Even Villa Captain Steven Gerrad sees the potential, stating ‘he [Ramsey] can be as good as he wants to be’. Salary is set at €36k, which is too expensive for saves outside the big leagues, but with a value of €9m we won’t be able to resist.

Benjamin Šeško
OVR: 68, POT OVER: 82 (+14)

Slovenian-born Benjamin Šeško made his senior debut as a forward for Austria’s RB Salzburg in January 2021, and has since scored 9 times for his team in 34 appearances. At the age of 18 he became Slovenia’s youngest ever goalscorer in the 67th minute of World Cup 2022 Qualifiers against Malta. He’s quick on his feet, so be sure not to miss out!

The 19-year old striker’s OVR is set at 68 and his potential OVR at a whopping 82 (+14), so it seems that FIFA 23 has just as high hopes for Šeško as we do. What’s more, he’s valued at a totally fair €2.8m and his salary is just €4.5k – what a bargain!

Dane Scarlett
OVR: 64, POT OVER: 86 (+22)

Spurs Academy striker Dane Scarlett is currently out on loan to Portsmouth to play in the EFL League One for his first senior appearance. At just 18 years of age there are already whispers that he could grow into a ‘genuine star’ – 3 goals under his belt so far, and a cool, calm and collected attitude. But don’t forget: it’s a big jump from League One to Premier League, so we’ll just have to wait and see!

Considering his professional career is only just beginning, Scarlett’s FIFA 23 OVR of 64 is totally fair. But it’s the potential OVR of 86 (+22) that’s really got our mouths watering. Plus, Scarlett is valued at €1.8m with a humble salary of €3.5k, perfect for those smaller budgets!

Florian Wirtz
OVR: 82, POT OVER: 90 (+8)

Florian Wirtz, the youngest player ever to score 10 Bundesliga goals, is a fresh-faced attacking mid currently signed to Bayer Leverkusen. With 60 league appearances, 13 goals and 4 appearances for national team Germany under his belt, Wirtz is already in the spotlight. The likes of Bayern Munich and Chelsea have their eyes on him, and so do we!

The FIFA 23 OVR for Wirtz is set at a colossal 82, with potential OVR at 90 (+8). His value reflects his skill level at €64m, which is the highest on our list. His salary is €23.5k so you’ll need to be a team with big financial backing, but if we consider the 19-year old’s exceptional ball control, balance and composure, he simply can’t be ignored.

Maarten Vandevoordt
OVR: 70, POT OVER: 84 (+14)

We can’t complete this list without a Wonderkid goalie, and who better than 20-year old Belgian – Maarten Vandevoordt! He’s currently signed to club Genk (Belgian First Division A), but the goalkeeper has already been snapped up by RB Leipzig who recently announced his 5-year contract commencing in 2024.

Considering his massive 4-0 defeat during the UEFA Champions League when he was just 17 years old, the goalkeeper has bounced back and become much stronger mentally. His FIFA 23 OVR of 70 reflects this, and with a potential OVR of 84 (+14) it’s clear big things are on the horizon for Vandevoordt. You can snap him up for just €3.3m, and with a salary of €2.8k we reckon he’s a keeper!

Time works wonders…

So there you have it! If you’re struggling to keep costs low in FIFA 23 Career Mode, you know where to look. Sure, these Wonderkids aren’t at the top just yet, but they’re moderately priced and absolutely dripping with potential!

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