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Battlefield 2042 Review

The Battlefield 2042 beta release split the Battlefield fans into two groups: the ones who loved it and the ones who think it’s a considerable downgrade to the saga. That’s mainly because of all the bugs the beta version had, which considerably disappointed almost everyone who tried it.

On the upper hand, Battlefield 2042 offers new features that represent an improvement over previous releases of this franchise. Things such as player visibility, map design, and weather effects are way better than games for other consoles.

Deciding if you want to buy a next-generation videogame is a complicated decision due to how expensive games have gotten over the years. However, the price of new games rewards the ones who buy them with a higher quality in the final product.

Some fans still expect Battlefield 2042 to be a complete banger. Do you think the same way? That’s something to consider before buying it. If you want a little help before trying the open beta or buying the final game, read this page!

Specialists Feature

Battlefield 2042 offers a new feature to refresh the gaming experience at an unprecedented scale. That is, naturally, the specialists feature, which allows you to use a different gaming style and a variety of strategies to apply to win the match and outplay the enemy players.

The medic class, for example, allows you to kill your enemies while healing your partners. So far, you only have four specialists in the Battlefield 2042 open beta, but Future US Inc, a leading digital publisher and international media group, expects it to have 10 of them.

What the development team expects with this is that teams take more time to analyze the match conditions. The gaming experience of each match can change because of this, which makes Battlefield 2042 a more dynamic and competitive title.

Each specialist offers a different way to enjoy the title, but for most gamers, the funniest specialist to play so far is Mackay. However, everything depends on what you like to do while playing and your gaming style.

However, regardless of the specialist you pick, you still get to enjoy the gameplay of a traditional first-person shooter.

Iconic All Out Warfare

The Battlefield franchise has always been popular because of its iconic all-out warfare and cutting-edge arsenal. That is what made it different from its main competitor, the Call of Duty saga. Getting into battle with battlefield weapons has always been a fun activity that allows you to bring destruction all over the place.

It’s even rough for people who hadn’t played a Battlefield title before how realistic when you hit an enemy player. The Battlefield 2042 developers know that, so they try their best to keep what made previous titles good intact so everybody can enjoy them.

However, we still need more details about what the squad equipment is, how the gameplay works when playing with friends, and how each specialist can interact with the weapon they use. You can customize weapons in many different ways, so take all the time you want to do it.

Map Changes – Overcome Dynamically Changing Battlegrounds!

When talking about innovative things Battlefield 2042 brought to the Battlefield saga, it’s impossible to not mention the dynamically changing battlegrounds. To give you a more in-depth experience while playing this title, each developer put an effort to make this Battlefield release more realistic than the previous ones.

To achieve that, they made it possible for you to directly change maps when you shoot or pass through certain parts of it, which gives you a more immersive experience. So far, the staff writer hasn’t said how many maps we can expect the game to have, but the Battlefield 2042 beta version showed us one of them.

This early version of the game gave us a map with many vehicles that could adapt to what you did on the map. However, they said that could suffer some changes in the future, yet, we don’t think it’s something the development team may change since people loved that feature.


We’ve only mentioned excellent things about Battlefield 2042, however, not everything’s good with this first-person shooter. The point of releasing beta versions is that you can use them to test how good the game can be before making a purchase in the future, or at least that’s what many people think.

Beta versions also tell you if there’s any sign of a problem that could keep you from making a purchase you can regret. When talking about Battlefield 2042, the main issue was, as you may expect, bugs. This game has tons of them, which caused many people to criticize the game and DICE itself, losing sector majority and decreasing its player count.

Fortunately, the live-streaming site Twitch helped the game get more public despite the problems with it.

One of them is that the skull icon that appears when you kill someone has a very low resolution compared to the other things the game shows you, and apart from that, it doesn’t have any distinct ping. This happens whether you play on an Xbox Series X, a PS5, or a PC.

There are other ones, such as a weapon looking weird or vehicles disappearing.

If you set aside bugs, the rest of the game it’s okay. Unfortunately, it’s not something easy to ignore. We can only hope that EA can do something to fix everything in the final version, however, it’s not something you can do in three hours or two days, and the release date is getting closer each day.

That doesn’t make EA a bad company, though. Developers have to do a lot of hard work to deliver high-quality games, so it’s only natural that you find some bugs when they launch the beta version.

Our Verdict About Battlefield 2042- Should You Get This New Battlefield Game?

Many people expected Battlefield 2042 to be the best one of the Battlefield franchise. The possibility to overcome dynamically changing battlegrounds and the cutting edge arsenal available for you showed people that they could display all-out warfare in this game. Unfortunately, bugs made everyone forget about the good parts of the game.

We recommend you wait for what DICE has to say about this matter. The game’s release date is getting closer to us, so don’t lose hope and try the new Battlefield 2042 when it goes out!

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