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Whether we’re talking about manga, anime, films or games, everyone knows the name Dragon Ball. The latest instalment in the franchise comes in the form of a video game, set in the same universe as Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

The much-anticipated asymmetrical multiplayer action game will be released on the 14th October for PC, PlayStation4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, which leaves us with just enough time to give you the lowdown and get you prepped for elimination or survival.

Hunt or be hunted…

An unexpected phenomenon has occurred – 7 run-of-the-mill citizens are trapped in a Temporal Seam and they aren’t alone… The Raider is on the move, hunting down the Survivors one by one and powering up with every success. Can the Survivors set the keys, start up the system and make it to the Super Time Machine before it’s too late? Will they work together or go it alone to escape detection? That all depends on how you want to play…

The Survivors

So you think you’ve got what it takes to survive? There are 5 playable Survivors to choose from: Bulma, Oolong, Farmer and male or female Earthling. The aim for these ordinary civilians is to escape the Temporal Seam and get back to their timeline. “How?” I hear you ask? Well…

Power Keys are hidden around the map. If the Survivors find and set them, the Startup System will appear. If the Raider finds one first, it will be eliminated! Work independently or with your team to activate the Startup System and defend it from the Raider until the Super Time Machine is ready.

If the Startup System is destroyed before its activation is complete, the Super Time Machine becomes defunct. But all hope is not lost – run quickly to an Escape Time Machine! Will you escape alone or wait for the other Survivors?

The Raider

Or maybe you’d rather play as the Raider? All you need to do is prevent the 7 Survivors from escaping. Whether you choose to take them out or take out their means of escape is up to you, but one thing’s for sure, they can’t leave the Temporal Seam!

There are 3 playable Raiders to choose from, already well known to Dragon Ball fans – Frieza, Cell and Buu. Watch your Raider evolve as you progress through the game and become more powerful. Plus, there’s so much for you to destroy! Power Keys, the Startup System, Escape Time Machines… all using your active and passive Raider skills or even an Ultimate Special Attack.

So, how will you play?

Standout features of DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS

We’re not kidding when we say there’s so much to look forward to. And just in case you’re not excited enough already, here’s a list of the features which have left us on the edge of our seats while we wait patiently for the game’s release…

1. The Map

The DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS map is quite something – it spans far and wide and is broken up into different areas – but that’s not all! The Raider is always on the move, hunting down those pesky Survivors. And no matter which Raider you choose to play as, you’ll have the power to destroy entire areas of the map, slowly limiting where the Survivors can live (and hide).

2. Character Customisation

Whether you play as a menacing Raider or one of the 7 Survivors, there are plenty of options to customise your character to whatever suits you. And as you progress through the game, you’ll unlock character skins and other advantages that will help to refine your persona, playstyle and strategy so that the game becomes even more addictive!

3. Transpheres, Dragon Change and Ultimate Special Attack

To help level the playing field in the fight against the Raider, the Survivors can make use of up to three Transpheres per game to help them avoid elimination. Transpheres house the lost souls of Super Warriors and can be used to initiate Dragon Change – where Survivors gain the powers of a Super Warrior for a limited time. But even with this Dragon Change, the Raider is still more powerful! Will you team up with other Survivors to take on the Raider, or sneak off on your own in hopes of escape?

Don’t worry though, Raider… The Survivors aren’t the only ones with access to power ups. As you absorb your opponents and progress through the game, you’ll evolve into your final form and finally be able to unleash your Ultimate Special Attack! The Survivors had better watch out…

The countdown begins!

So, Dragon Ball fans, are you as excited as we are? DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS keys will be available to purchase from 14th October directly from the Demand Keys store by clicking here!

Using keys is safe and simple. Find a discounted key in our store and, once purchased, you’ll instantly receive an email containing the key. Visit your platform of choice, enter the key into the store and your download will begin!

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