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Dark Souls: Remastered Steam CD Key

activation: steam
available: worldwide




In a grey, mysterious world ruled by dragons, there seems little hope for the future of man. However, once Gwyn finds the first flame, all of that is destined to change. The key to appreciating the depth of Dark Souls is to interact with every character and item and to build up your knowledge of all that surrounds you. Never forget that within Dark Souls, every end is a beginning.

The remastered version doesn’t mess around with the original gameplay and still revolves around fabulous storytelling elements. However, this version brings sharper, more beautiful graphics for gamers to enjoy.

Key activation

Using keys is safe and simple, find your discounted key from our store, once purchased you will then receive a email with the key on. Once you receive the key, visit the platform of choice and enter it into the store which will then begin the download.

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