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Far Cry 6 EU Uplay CD Key

activation: uplay
available: eu




Caribbean island life isn’t easy for Dani Rojas, a citizen living on the island of Yara, which is under the control of dictator Antón Castillo. You play as Dani as they seek out the Guerilla movement Libertad after the death of two close friends. With the desire to restore her island to its former glory, Dani travels across the seven main sections of the island, including a dense rainforest and treacherous mountain land. You’ll adventure on foot, in the air and across the ocean in this quest for freedom

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Using keys is safe and simple, find your discounted key from our store, once purchased you will then receive a email with the key on. Once you receive the key, visit the platform of choice and enter it into the store which will then begin the download.

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