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PS5 vs PS5 Digital Ed

PS5 Vs PS5 Digital Edition – Which One Is Better for Me?

Many gamers were waiting for the arrival of the PS5 and had several doubts about the quality of the upcoming console. Sony didn’t disappoint us and brought one of the most ambitious consoles ever made. An example of that is that you can get two versions of this item. The release dates of both products are the same.

The PS5 optical drive version and the PS5 digital edition created a debate among gamers who didn’t know which one they should get. By releasing these two consoles, Sony aimed to expand its public and get to people who couldn’t afford a next-gen console.

However, not everyone knows the differences between both products, and we totally understand that. At the end of the day, both have the same internal specs, so they work in the same way without one being better than the other.

There are some things to consider before you purchase the PS5 digital edition or the standard PS5 version. The two models are excellent consoles, so that’s not something to worry about. Keep reading this page if you want to know what’s today’s best Sony PlayStation console!

What Makes them Different?

You can see two major differences that are worth noting when analyzing both versions: the products’ price and their disc drive.

As you may know, the standard PS5 version includes an ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive that allows you to get a physical copy of your games and also reproduce movies and physical media. The PS5 Digital Edition, on the other hand, only allows you to play digital games and Blu-ray videos, so you have to download them through the PlayStation Store to play them.

The other difference between the digital version and the standard one is their price. When we said Sony wanted to expand its public to people who couldn’t ‘t afford new consoles, we were talking about this. You can save up to $100 if you buy the PS5 Digital Edition.

Because of that, the sales of the digital version are considerably higher than the ones from the disc version. We think that releasing the digital edition at the same time as the standard PS5 console was a kind gesture by Sony.

However, aside from the physical disc and the cost of each console, both are practically the same. The PS5 Digital Edition is slightly smaller and lighter, but the two versions have a similar symmetrical design.

The internal specs of both products are the same, so your gaming experience doesn’t change regardless of which one you choose. This makes the PlayStation new consoles different from the Xbox ones since the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S are considerably different.

Despite what many people think, the internet connection is the same in both products, so the digital one doesn’t have an internet advantage.

Both PS5 versions have a CPU with variable frequency and backwards compatibility. Yet, we think that, in a nutshell, what can make you decide for one or the other is the funds you are willing to spend on this product. At the end of the day, you can buy games from the PS Store with both, and the two of them let you play PS4 games.

The standard version’s high cost is something to consider, yet, you still have an extra money advantage from getting it. That could seem odd to you, but supporting Blu-ray discs is a profitable advantage of the traditional PS5 console.

You can always buy physical games and then trade them for others or even sell them to exchange stores. That adds a huge value to the standard PS5 console, even if it has a higher price. Apart from that, having physical copies of your games helps you save storage space from your console.

Budget is also something to consider when thinking about the compatibility of the PS4 games on these products. What people loved about this feature is that they could play their old games without needing to buy them again, which was a new feature in the gaming world.

However, you can’t play PS4 game discs on the PS5 Digital Edition, which means the only way to play them is to rebuy them if you don’t have digital copies of your games. This new console is definitely something positive to the future of gaming, yet, you have to say goodbye to playing DVDs and Blu-ray discs on your console if you get the digital version.

Is It Better to Play Games on the PS5 Digital Edition or the Disc Version? What Do People Think About It?

As you read on this page, your gaming experience is the same in both versions since their specs are the same. Because of that, tons of people think getting the most expensive PS5 version is a waste of money, and some media publishers state that they like the digital edition better than the standard one.

Future US Inc, which is an international media group and a leading digital publisher, states that this is what the gaming industry has been waiting for all these years. Some casual gamers also think that the PS5 Digital Edition is a great opportunity for people who just want to play games regardless if they are digital or not.

The release date of both versions was the same, and the two of them can play exclusive games and third-party titles. However, some experts still think that giving up optical drives is not a profitable choice for PS5 fans.

Bottom Line – Should You Choose the PS5 Digital or Disc Drive Version?

Since the main differences between the PS5 Digital Edition and the disc drive one mostly consist of budget alternatives, we are going to focus on that when stating our verdict. If you don’t have the funds to get the traditional version and don’t care about using old physical game discs, then you are better off with the digital version.

However, if you can earn enough money to purchase the standard version, we recommend you do it. Even if the digital console has the best prices on the market for next-gen products, giving up on trading used games with your friends and saving storage space for your console is too much.

Whatever you decide, you can order today.

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