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Review Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator has had many editions throughout the year, releasing a new game each year for more than 10 years. In spite of that, not everyone knows this title, and some of the people who do, don’t think it’s a good game.

Regardless of that, the FS franchise has thousands of fans all over the globe. They’ve been expecting a new title that could improve the features of the previous games in this farming saga. Fortunately, they don’t have to wait anymore since the Farming Simulator 2022 release date was revealed a while ago.

Like we are used to, a new farm simulator title is coming this year, and many consider Farming Simulator 22 a giant leap forward in this series. The possibility to have your own farm and an extensive vehicle roster is exciting for fans of the franchise.

This game is going to be available for us in November, so prepare yourself to get a brand new way to experience this game by yourself or with other farmers. Here is a quick review of what you may see in this title!

City Center Bridge


Use Machines from the Largest Agriculture Machinery Company -All the Leading Brands Are Here!

The Farming Simulator series is well-known for offering a complete farming experience. Its developer, Giants Software, wanted to add new machinery to the game’s roster, so this is the first Time John Deere equipment is available in FS.

Even Farming Simulator 19 didn’t have machines faithfully recreated as this version does. This could be the first farming title that lets you cut all the fields in the game and still have fun with the animals there.

Playing with that equipment lets you try all kinds of features implemented in this new edition. FS fans see this as the biggest step forward the franchise has taken in its history. Having more machinery available for you means unlocking other farming activities, so you have more ways to enjoy the Farming Simulator world.

Vehicles such as a pick-up truck that allows you to easily move across your land are here, too, and if you don’t know how to manage those vehicles, you can always do a short tutorial about how to play the game in general and how to adapt to the newer features.

You can also use the trucks to sell and deliver goods, which helps you expand your gaming experience and diversifies the gameplay.

Graphics Better than Any Farming Simulator Game

Yes, vehicles, horses, and an in-game radio are excellent features that can make you enjoy this game in ways you never imagined you could. However, what many fans are pleased by is the complete overhaul of the graphics engine, which represents an improvement if you compare it to how Farming Simulator 19 looked.

The immersive visuals of this title help you enjoy the beautiful European environments on your farm as the only thing to worry about the world. Things such as driving a combine harvester look considerably different than before, and it’s because the development team made an effort to make this game as realistic as possible. You can see that when watching interviews with Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software.

Everyone in the development team agrees that the use of newly licensed vehicles and the graphics update can make playing this game an enjoyable experience for fans and new people getting into the FS Community.

The graphics improvement applies to all versions of the game, so both Xbox players and the ones playing on the Switch edition can see the effort Giants Software has put into the development of its games.

Regardless of all that, don’t expect it to have the best graphics seen in a videogame before. Is it better than how it was in previous titles? Yes, however, the entire game is based on taking care of your farm, so it doesn’t need to have the best graphics seen in next-gen Xbox and PS5 games.

New Features

As you could see, Farming Simulator is a game to play in your free time to relax. Sowing seeds and investing in a vast land are something that, while not being a significantly fun activity, it’s enjoyable for fans of the series who want games that focus on giving you an immersive experience.

Half the time spent in this game used to be a single-player time, however, the Farming Simulator 22 online multiplayer gameplay showed us how much developers can refresh the title features to make it fresher for the new public.

Farming Simulator 19 had a similar feature but was not as optimized as this release shows us it could be. This feature helps the game do well on sales since, at the end of the day, not many people, or at least standard gamers, aren’t looking forward to managing a farm.

However, these features make the title more interesting and appealing to all kinds of people, so FS 22 may receive more attention than previous games of the franchise. Some experts and digital publishers state that what developers are planning when making this game is to catch more gamers to get interested in FS.

Growing crops in Farming Simulator 19 was simple, and fortunately, that doesn’t change in FS 22. You can see more than one review saying that the crops process should be more complicated in this game, however, we consider that it’s a wise decision to leave everything how it was in Farming Simulator 19.

Conclusion – Farming Simulator: Should You Get It?

Farming Simulator 19 was an excellent title, yet, Focus Home Interactive states that this release can be considerably better than everyone expects it to be, so you can allow yourself to get your hopes up while waiting for this release.

If you want a title you can play to relax and understand more things about farms and how to manage them. However, this release brings more things to the table in case you want to take your farming experience a step forward than you usually do.

Pre-order FS 2022 now to have access to all the features this new game offers you!

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